Looking to Invest in India? Current Investment Scenario in India.

NriInvestIndia.com is an upcoming NRI focused investment firm from India helping NRIs to invest in stock markets of India online, primarily they focus on enabling NRIs to do Investing in Mutual Funds of India and buy sell Indian shares Online.

In the past few years Indian stock markets have done tremendously well, and this story is luring more active NRI investors – non resident Indians from around the world. Indian economy is witnessing a major flux of capital inflow into both real state segment and capital markets of India, and all this is especially due to the growing investment opportunities that are being available to NRIs, PIOs and OCIs in India. There are a number of factors that have propagated an increment in the percentage of investors over last year numbers, and these few major reasons that have boosted the over NRI investment in India, categorically in buying/selling of Indian stocks and NRI mutual fund investments are:

1. Attractive, responsible and dynamic investment policies by the Indian government.
2. Major development in the agricultural and infrastructural sectors.
3. India becoming the centre of global outsourcing boom with more NRI capital inflows.
4. Well regulated capital markets offering array of products:
Nri Mutual Funds, Stock Trading account for Nri, Demat Account for Nris and other useful NRI Investing options & services like: OCI & PIO Dmat Account in India, Online Bank account for NRI, NRI Capital raising, etc.

NRIs – reason to invest
However the current market condition has put the investor confidence on the back step. Investment team for Mutual funds in India at NriInvestIndia.com believes that the fundamentals are intact, and the bull story is still on the run. In totality, the overall happy-go-jolly story has not changed in India, as nothing bad has happened in the economy…!!

The Investment team also states:
Yes the US recession is there, but in the long run it is not going to affect emerging economies, like China, India, Brazil, etc. Buyers will come up to buy, as the valuations still look great, and trading in India would pick up within a few months. In fact the crunch phase that we are witnessing is not only due to stimuli like US recession, US mortgage crunch, but also due to some technical reasons. Not to forget, the Indian stock market including both indices : Nifty from NSE – national stock exchange AND SENSEX from BSE – Bombay Stock exchange were waiting for a long due correction, and most importantly the markets ran too fast to 21000 which shouldn’t have been a case. And this over–bought/accumulation situation led to this steep fall in the gone 2 weeks.

This is a typical bull market scenario… when people sell, a panic is created… more panic creates greater panic… and this leads to unnecessary dumping of positions to lock profits.. this dumping starts triggering stop-losses on the negative territory..

We are here for 5-6 years minimum…!!
We would be heading up again…. everything looks great here…
And most importantly in a longer run if US undergoes a recession then, lot of European banks, FIIs, hedge funds and institutional investors from all over the world would look around for better places & good opportunities to park their money. Brazil, India, China and other Asian economies are the places where they would be investing there money. They have been putting in the past, but from now on they would be placing more money. This greater inflow of liquidity would increase productivity and the economic cycle of growth would not stop for another 10-15 years.

To conclude the team also says:
NOTHING has changed here…. fundamentals are pretty strong in India.
Do not move by the short-term volatility…
We are in here for a long game..!!

This ever growing saga of good financial well being, in the long run would always make India a best investment destination for Indians around the globe.

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