Are there any provision of repatriating the money held in the bank accounts in India?

RBI guidelines clearly stipulates that only that money invested into India using only designated bank account which are allowed to do repatriations, can only allow repatriating facility. NRE account is one such account that allows NRIs – on resident Indians living abroad to freely take back the money to their residing country. Such a kind of non resident bank account provided by the latest NRI Banking Services does not need any kind of extra permission from the RBI to remit the money abroad; the client (NRI or the PIO) can easily bring back that money back to the foreign country where he/she is residing.However such type of a NRI Bank account called: NRO account does not offer such repatriation facility, but still in some adverse cases the RBI can give permission provided the client gives a legitimate reasoning behind such repatriation to the foreign country. The NRI can take all his money proceedings back to the foreign country, both the principal and the profits generated by the investments in India; however he/she has to pay relevant NRI taxes on the capital gains. The NRI has to mention his designated permanent account number and file his returns on a timely basis to enjoy a hassle free repatriation facility from the banker.

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