Do you want to Learn About Indian Stock Market – & How Shares are Traded in India for NRIs,OCIs and PIOs??

There are lots of books available in the market on ‘investment’ but then in today’s fast-paced life, who has the time to go to a bookstore and search in a mound of books? Well, for all you people who want to learn about investment, here’s the solution! Nriinvestindia presents its own ebook for you! It’s for beginners as also for investors who want to know how to invest in India.An investment guide for Non Resident Indians (NRIs), this e-guide will teach you the basics of Indian Stock Market. You will learn the basics and/or the fundamentals of stock market with the help of this ebook, specially designed for all you NRIs, Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), and Overseas Citizen of India (OCIs).

This e-guide shall prove to be your best friend as you embark on your journey to know about the basics of Share/Stock market. You must be thinking: Why choose THIS ebook above other ebooks? Well, the answer’s very simple. There might be many ebooks available dealing with Indian Share Market, but THIS ebook promises to be different from the rest, for apart from acting as an investment guide for NRIs and beginners, and a tutorial related to Share market, this ebook will also teach you the basics of Market trading – an art! So for all of you who plan to become Traders of the Indian Share Market, well you will make a right choice by choosing our ebook.

This ebook deals with various fundamentals and basics of the Share Market that is important for being a good judge of shares. Just knowing about the Share Market will not make you a good investor. You have to also KNOW THE SHARE MARKET. A good judge delivers a good judgement. Similarly, a good investor invests wisely, and this e-guide will help you gain this wisdom. This e-guide will teach you investment strategies, and make you an expert in picking good Stocks and Mutual Funds.

You will Learn the A to Z of investments quickly; Know everything about Stocks and Mutual Funds and Understand Stock Charts easily. You will know what is SENSEX, NSE, BSE, NIFTY etc. All this by just going through a few ‘pages’ we have prepared specially for you.

This ebook also has a special feature for Indians NRIs, PIOs and OCIs. This ebook-cum-guide will tell you how to invest in Indian Mutual Funds, open Stock Trading Account in India, and make money using ‘shorts’ in a falling market! Tricks of the trade makes one a good businessman. Likewise, knowing the nuances of investment will make you an outstanding investor. And this ebook will surely teach you such nuances.

A guide to invest in India, this ebook will, we hope, be of tremendous help to you to not only comprehend Indian Stock Market but also to trade the same! A complete investment guide-cum-tutorial pertaining to the Indian Stock Market for beginners and NRIs, this ebook will make you the master of the trade.

Click Here to Download this Amazing eBook for Beginner Investors

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