Is Indian Stock Market Still good for NRIs to Invest?

Oil surpasses $140 per barrel, gold slowly heading towards a promising upward move, and to add fire – inflation in India hitting all time highs. So you as an NRI are confused whether to invest in India at these levels or not?

Well this is the reality of the world we are currently living in. While most people are struggling to make ends meet. is capitalizing this golden opportunity (current low market levels) to make its non resident clients to make investments in stocks that are trading way low, almost 60% to 70% from where they were trading 6 months back. We assume that the markets are definitely acting pretty volatile with no buying coming in from either the hedge fund or the
Indian mutual funds side, but still we believe that these levels are pretty attractive but only for those investors who want to get into the Indian share market with a long term view.This long term view should be of a minimum of 3-4 years, and one can expect a return of 20-30% on their capital invested. This basically boils down to prudent investing with a long term approach if the investor wants to generate huge profits over a period of 3-4 years in this bearish Indian market, which is totally being dictated by the global slowdown and the US recession (USA – recession).If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a good NRI investor or stock investors in the stock markets of India (both BSE & NSE) and how you in fact could make some good money or a living by trading such markets, will not only tell you how you can open an NRI Account and invest using FMPs – fixed income maturity plans or SIPs – systematic investment plans but also assist you in investing in the best and top Indian mutual funds that could yield you high returns when the markets start bottoming out. We ate pledge to provide the most comprehensive investment advisory services and options to NRIs, PIOs and OCIs that would benefit person of India origin in a long run.Whether you tend to be conservative or aggressive, can work hand in hand with your by giving you professional investment advising and financial consultancy to build a solid portfoilio that can give you good returns when you retire.Please visit to learn more about the NRI services like: Demat Account, NRI Trading Account, NRI Banking Services, PAN Card Assistance in India, Portfolio Management Services, Derivative Trading & Indian Mutual Funds assistance.

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