Is it the Right time to Invest in the Indian Stock Market & Mutual Funds?

There is a lot going in the Indian capital markets, especially in the equity segment where the volitilty is not settling down. Online trading has not been easy as per a couple of brokers who trade in BSE – Bombay stock exchange & the market has seen some real ups and downs in the gone 2 months, where we have seen the NSE index – NIFTY stuck between a tight range of 4500 to 3600 levels. Where does the Indian stock market go from here?? This is one big question in front of retail investors as well as NRIs – Non Resident Indians, including PIOs – person of India origin.

“Money is definitely there, sitting right on the table” – says Sr. Investment Adviser: Mr. K. Girish at He adds, “the share market is definitely acting strange by showing signs of positivity, but it seems the recent rally of 1000 points is just a pullback and some selling is yet to come. He says the Indian boom story is not over yet, and India has still plenty of gas left when it comes to excelling in the financial markets, but the recent worries of commodities, inflationary worries in India and the global slowdown is not helping the Indian Mutual Funds & share market to do any well”.

Investors who did not get a chance to invest at the 20k levels can certainly invest at these low ranges, if not the lowest market level. NRIs can invest into IPOs – Initial Public Offers that are round the corner and for this they would need a Dmat Account, they can also invest into top mutual funds of India that have given some high returns in the past and if one needs to hedge itself from inflation then he may decide to invest into Gold using the ETFs – exchange traded funds (you would need a Demat Account for this).

Incase the investors are scared to put their investment in one go, then they should opt for SIPs – systematic investment plans and invest in Indian mutual funds on a regular interval of time, say every month. Many mutual funds in India offer such SIP facility; to name a few: ICICI Prudential, HDFC Mutual Fund, Kotak Mahindra, Citi NRI, etc. One other avenue for investment in India for NRIs could be retirement saving plans offered by various top banks, but for that they need NRI accounts to be opened with them, and besides this, such banks offer some great interest rates on savings if you open up a NRI Bank Account with them.

The idea is to analyze the current market scenario, later and look for best investment option in India and lastly invest systematically. One can take some professional advise from legal or financial consultants in India or avail portfolio management services in India.

One of the best firms offering such investing services to NRIs is:

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