What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Investing in India: Is it worth?

Is investing in India beneficial or not? This is one of the toughest questions to answer. The Indian share market, like its global counterparts, is subject to risks. Still it’s a risk worth taking and those who have invested in India will perhaps stand testimony to this. We all, especially those in the field of market, know the advantages of investing in India. In this section, let us analyse some of the challenges we are likely to face while investing in the Indian economy.

The Indian economy has a GDP of 9%, but at the same time, it has an inflation rate of 8-10%. There is a growing gap between demand and supply.

India, despite its enormous manpower, is facing a shortage of qualified skilled professionals due to lack of adequate public education system. The wage rates, hence, are going higher and higher eroding the cost advantage that has served India for a decade now.

Infrastructure is another field where India has to pull up its socks. Foreign investors, in their day-to-day course of business deal with PIO. But when these foreign investors come to India, they witness inadequate and not up-to-the-mark airports, seaports, roads, power grids, communication system and facilities, health care and education.

If India has to become a superpower, her government has to work with full commitment and dedication in all the fields mentioned above. Indirection, uncertainty and revisiting settled issues eternally characterise business negotiations in India.

Corruption is another huge predicament that has to be minimised as much as possible if India is to become an apple of the investors’ eyes. The Indian courts have huge backlog of more than 27 million cases, with many cases taking more than a decade to get solved! Unfriendly labour laws, difficulty in getting patent rights, and various other legal and ethical challenges add to India’s affliction. What officials put forth is not exactly how the true picture is.

India, no doubt, iS a tough place to do business. But all said and done, we cannot deny the fact that India is a strong contender for the post of ‘economic superpower of the future’ and its strategic location works in its favour abundantly. We at NriInvestIndia.com believe that the ginnie has been let out of the bottle and soon the world would realize the potential of the Indian financial markets: including both stock markets and mutual funds. And if the challenges are taken care of, then it is a heavenly abode for all investors.

2 thoughts on “What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Investing in India: Is it worth?

  1. excellent explanation for the topic

  2. Investing in India shall be done with a vision of long term investment. You have explained very beautifully the advantages of investing in India

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