Is Indian Stock Market the right place for Investing?

India is perhaps one of the strongest, emerging economies of the world. With a 9% GDP, ever-increasing market, classy financial sector, improving infrastructure and a strong economic outlook has made India the latest “pin-up” destination for almost all the countries.

Indian economy was synonymous with ‘license-raj’ and ‘socialism’ post-independence. But dire economic reforms in the nineties have reformed the look of the Indian economy completely today. Simple, transparent, liberal and following the concept of laissez-fairre, the Indian economy is today at the centre stage of global economy.

The strategic location of India in South Asia also goes in her favour. A peninsula geographically, it helps trade relations. Also the effervescent capital market specialising in allocation of capital in diverse economic activities is a typical characteristic of Indian economy.

The domestic credit market encompasses active rate of interest, credit imitative and government bond market inducing foreign investments in India. On the other hand, India has become a hub of entrepreneurship. Obvious as there is a huge profit to be earned by entrepreneurs.

Lastly, India does not depend on exports. A meagre ten percent of her economy is export driven. India is self-reliant. Vast resources, excellent trade prospects, and a favourite stop among potent investors, India is likely to grow fastest among the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China).

Having umpteen numbers of sectors where investments could be made, investing in India is surely profitable. So happy investing.!!

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