When & Where to Invest in the current Stock Market Situation..!!

Markets have been swinging all over the place, in the gone 2 months. The direction has been unclear and the Fluctuations are a common feature of the current financial markets. However, fluctuations – both positive and negative – can be sudden and dramatic, and can catch even experienced investors off-guard. In turbulent financial times, it is important to understand the economics that underpin all markets – beyond short-term volatility – and to consider market movements from a longer-term perspective. Our new volatility micro site helps you do just that with three easy tools.

Over time, there have been so many events that have affected the confidence of investors. Analysts at NriInvestIndia.com believe that its’s impossible to predict in advance just when the best and worst returns will occur in the stock market and anyone trying to time their investments to avoid short-term losses could be just as likely to miss gains. Over time, missing just a few days’ performance can significantly reduce the overall performance of your investments. Log on to check out exactly how much you could lose on a notional investment of Rs One lakh if you missed the 10, 20, 30, and 40 best days in the market. Most brokerage firms believe that a longer investment period means more stable returns. In investment terms, ‘risk’ means volatility. See for yourself how volatility intensifies or subsides for investments held from one to ten years.

Thus it is advisable for local as well as non resident Indians – NRIs & PIOs to invest with a long term view in high quality, return oriented top Indian mutual funds, that could deliver some good returns in the coming 3-4 years.

Enjoy Investing.
Team NriInvestIndia.com

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