Learn Day Trading in Stocks, Basic Course for beginner Traders was never this easy.

Are you a beginner who Want to Learn How to Trade Stocks?
Well, you have come to the right place. We have launched an online course/Webinar for all enthusiastic beginners who wish to learn trading in the stock market, be it any market: NYSE, NASDAQ, NSE, BSE or any other.

This is course is designed for Beginner who wishes to:

  • Learn about Trading Stocks, Step-by-Step.
  • Easily understand stock charts & tables.
  • Quickly locate good trades, to make money.
  • Know how to use financial news in Trading.
  • Identify when to Buy & Sell.
  • Educate about Technical Analysis in an EASY way.
  • Make their own Day trading Strategies & techniques.
  • How to make money consistently even in a Falling Market.

This course will enable to you not only trade like a professional trader but will also teach how to make money in any kind of market, either it be a bad or a good market. Our course is easy & simple, and specially tailored for new investors, traders & beginners who wish to start from the very beginning.

You can take our online course right form the comfort of your home, without paying heavy fees and going to any college everyday.

This is a Powerful online course/online seminar that would teach you the basics and fundamentals of how one can do trading in the share market. Once finished with this resourceful 3 hour course, you would also be able to make your own trading system, strategy & technique which would make you money in all kinds of markets.

Know more about this result oriented Basic Trading Program, by visiting us here: www.nriinvestindia.com/learn-trading.html

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