How to Track Status and Know your PAN Card Number Online?

If you have applied for a PAN card, but do not know your PAN number (Permanent Account Number) yet, or you cannot remember the number given to you by the IT – Income Tax Department of India, then there is a way of finding out what it is.

The following will be asked before giving you your number:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth

You will be asked these things for identification reasons and for finding your application.

Just visit this website:

Incase you are an NRI – Non Resident Indian or a PIO – Person of India origin and you cannot still find more information on your PAN number, then you may consult some private PAN assistance broker firm at:

How can NRIs go about Applying for a Indian IT PAN Number?

Applying is very easy. In every town where there is an Income Tax Department, there is now an Income Tax PAN Service Center too. This has been set up specifically for handling PAN cards and PAN numbers. If the city is a bigger city than most, there will be two centers there. Just visit one of these centers and get you PAN taken care of. If you still have trouble finding it, you can get addresses and more information off of the Income Tax Office’s website. If you don’t know it, it’s

Or you may check out these private PAN brokers at:

The center will only take applications that are completely filled out, don’t have any mistakes, and are submitted with the necessary documents. Make sure that you double check the application before you submit it. The Income Tax Department is the one that will allot the number that you will be given. Overall, you are obtaining your PAN from them. You should go to the Income Tax PAN Service Center near you to obtain a PAN card or make any changes in your details.

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India has a very active credit market, corporate bond market, government bond market, interest rate market, and credit derivative market. The interest rates depend on what ever market it is.

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India is the third highest investor base on the globe. They have over 20,000,000 investors.

How to get changes & correction in PAN card for NRIs?

Do you have to give up the old PAN card when a woman marries and her name changes?

You do not have to get rid of the old PAN card because it is your permanent account number. However, if a woman were making legal changes to her name, then it would be wise to surrender it and apply for a new PAN card.

If only your address is changed after marriage and your name stays the same legally, the it is not necessary to get a new PAN. You should get the address changed though. You can get the download form by clicking here.

Submitting the application for “New PAN Card Request” or “Changes and Corrections in PAN card data”?

You can submit the applications when you already have PAN but need a new one or when you need to make a change or correction to your PAN data.

Will there be any charges for these forms?

  • There are fees in submitting this form. You will need to pay Rs. 717(plus any taxes & other required fees placed on it) to for processing fees while submitting the form for New PAN Card Request and Changes and Corrections in PAN details.

Can a NRI – non resident Indian get a new PAN card without making changes in the data?

  • Incase you are a OCI, PIO or a NRI and if you have lost your PAN card or if you have a PAN number, but do not have your PAN card yet, then you will need to fill out everything in the form.

If there are any changes or corrections in the PAN details?

  • The boxes on the left side margin need to be checked only if changes need to be done to the data. If there are changes, then a mistake was made and it needs to be resubmitted.

What documents need to be included when submitting the form?

1. You will need proof of PAN number (see the top of the form)

2. You will need proof of any PAN card that you have given up in the past, if available

3. You will need proof of identity

4. You will need proof of your address

5. and you will need proof supporting the changes you need to make, if any

Documents that can be accepted as proof of PAN?

1) You can use a copy of your PAN card

2) You can use a copy of your PAN allotment letter

There are no other documents that can be acceptable as proof of your PAN.
If you cannot provide any form of proof, then the application can taken on a good effort basis.

It is necessary to include a photograph?

Everyone should always include a color photograph, recently taken (size 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm) in the space on the form. Do not staple or paper clip the picture to the form. The clearer the image on the form, the clearer it will be on the PAN card.