Learn Share Trading in India – Online Day Trading Lessons for Beginner Traders and Investors.

If you learn how to trade stocks online you can make invest and make money from the comfort of your home at the click of a mouse. It has always been difficult for beginners to know how to start trading in the Indian stock market and more importantly they have always faced difficulties in finding the right trading course to learn share trading. If you want to know how to enter share market then this is just the right tutorial for you to learn the basics of share market.

To begin with, a very good website for beginners to learn about share trading is: www.Learn-Trade.com

It is the availability of latest technology that has made possible for you to avoid the crowded room of a broker for trading in stocks. Trading stocks online does not require any special training apart from a basic ability to handle and work on a computer. Primarily, you benefit from the upfront information that pops right up on your screen.

Day Trading in India

Depending on the type of trading you want to do, you can settle with it and trade online. If you are looking for short term gains, the day trading option is the best for you. You can select a couple of stocks and study them, and soon you would have an idea about their daily movements. You would be able to see the previous day’s closing price, the opening price of the day, the highs and lows reached during the day. Whenever you want, you can click to get the average price at which your stocks are trading anytime during the market hours.

For day trading, you need to be really quick and your reflexes should be sharp enough to spot a trend straight away as soon as it takes place. As you are in for the short term, it is like hopping on to a running bus, and then getting off. Your action begins as soon as a rally starts off. You can play when the price is going up or when a price is going down. Ideally, you should play whatever is suitable to your style. But there are risks in the short term day trading as you could lose when the markets are volatile if you do not take some solid rearguard action.

Use stop loss technique

When you trade stocks online, you should always use stops or put in stop losses. If you notice the price of a particular stock as soon as it opened was $4.55 while the last day’s closing price was $4.25, it would indicate the stock price could rise during the day if nothing untoward happens. You may notice the price moving up to $4.70 within minutes or even a few seconds. If you are quick, you can easily buy at $4.70 or a five or ten cents more with the hope that the price would go up again. You should also put a stop at $4.55 as it was the price at which the stock opened. If the price moves to $4.80 pr $4.90, you can sell, but you would not lose much if the price falls to $4.55.

Stock trading online requires you to do some research on companies and their performance and their price moves. But the primary research required is about the company or broking firm through which you would be trading. Your research should revolve around the trading styles of the company and whether they allow swing or day trading. The company should have the requisite skills in money management and you should check how long the company is in business. As it is all about speed and money, you should check whether the system they provide to their clients online is friendly and simple.

You would need an easy interface and navigability to succeed in online trading. By checking some of the customer reviews you can get an idea of the customer service and payments before signing up.  As it involves large amounts of financial transactions, you also need to check whether their security system is updated and uses the latest available technology.

To conclude, you should also visit some trading blogs for getting free education on trading, like:




One thought on “Learn Share Trading in India – Online Day Trading Lessons for Beginner Traders and Investors.

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