How to Start a Business in India?

Setting up Business in India

Setting up Business in India

My 3 month stay in the united states is getting over today, and when I look around I see things getting better in totality. When I came in the markets were consolidating and moving sideways, giving not much room to both investor and the common man to make any money; however over the period of 2 months I have witnessed more volatility and momentum, especially in the construction industry, insurance and the banking sector.

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People are getting their jobs back and less people are being laid off now. The work is coming a lot easier compared to how it was a year ago. The good news is we are back on uptrend. But the question is what should we do now to increase our level of life style, as low paying jobs will not take us anywhere. The answer could be – by starting a business in India.

I have realized that even though the liquidity has started pouring into the capital & financial markets; there are still a lot of things to worry about. Especially, when we are still not clear how the health insurance bill or the so called survival ticket of Mr. Obama will save not only the US economy but the global economy in general. There is not much more room now especially when we stand in the corridor of uncertainty to make money. Having said that, it doesn’t imply that there is no money at all to be made in such a bad market. The money is definitely there, but it just needs consistency and wise research so as to pick out the value driven areas, that can reap out benefits for a novice investor in a long run. What can be these value driven areas? Well these can be anything from construction contracting to educational services or from basic outsourcing to information driven services – sky is the limit.

The investors from all over the world are looking to invest, they have abundant money supply, but the only problem they are facing is that where should they park there money. They are indeed looking for areas that can generate them more returns on their investments in comparatively a shorter period of time, and what best can be than a consulting business that could guide them as to where to put their finances and in what order. This is one field where a lot of money could be made, but as they always say you should be at the right place at the right time to make money. Thus it is advised that you research around and see what kind of investors you have around you, do you know anybody who can provide with a database of such investors, if yes how genuine this database is?

Another good field to get into as an entrepreneur is to set up a home based business and find a industry that has consistency in terms of growth and money. What does this mean and what should you look for while selecting a business that is just right for you. Well here are certain points that I notice could be handy, while selecting business field:

1. What are my area of interests?
2. How much investment do I have to put into this business?
3. How long will it take for me to break even?
4. What is the future prospect of this business in the coming years?
5. Is there a demand for such a service/business for a longer period of time?
6. What are the costs involved and what expertise do I need to run this business?

These certain parameters you need to go through before you setup your own business. If you are serious about setting up your own business with low minimum capital investment then you should research and find out some free articles and tutorials that can give a fair picture of fields and sectors that are still hot and there is still a high possibility of money to be made by putting in less time and investment. The key is research, dedication and hard work.