How to Register for a Pan Card Number Online – Both New & Lost online?

Lost pan registration details can be a great worry, but the process of dealing with it has been streamlined in recent years. There have been many cases of lost pan cards and so to get a replacement has been made easier in recent years. You can easily download a correction form online by clicking and for locating your center where you need to re-apply, you can also go to

Learn what are the required documents for applying a pan card.

To get back your lost pan card, you need to fill out the lost pan card information form for accurately providing your name and birth details as well as the name of your father. By completing these formalities you can get back your lost pan card number as it not easy to remember the long alphanumeric number by heart. Without a pan card, you may not be able to undertake any financial transaction in India these days.

The pan card has been introduced to account for every financial transaction starting from the opening of a bank account in India. To stop and also to account for all financial dealings as well as buying and selling properties, a pan card is essential in India nowadays. By quoting the number you can be assured of the transaction being recorded with the income tax authorities. To get back your lost number you also need to furnish other details and documents.

You would have to provide two stamp-sized recent photographs of yours as well as make the pan processing payment by check, cash or credit card if you are a non resident Indian or an NRI. With all the information listed above and the photograph, you can check the website for sending to the income tax circle or ward under whose jurisdiction you are. You can also send an email and get a reply for any query you may be having.

There are advisors both online and also at the land based office to guide you along the simple and easy steps. If you are wondering whether the systems in India would be too much of a worry with red tape and things like that, then it is a thing of the past as things have been streamlined in the last few decades. The system has been made simple and it is easy to find that your problems can be solved in the shortest possible time.

Processing time to receive the permanent account number: Get within 15 working days

By staying abroad, you can apply online and get your lost card within 10 to 15 working days. It is best to get your lost pan card without much delay as any financial transaction or doing business in India requires you to have one. This is a common worry among most non resident Indians as most of them left India during the time when bureaucratic red tape was common.

In case you had lost a government paper or document two decades ago or more than that, you would have had to run from pillar to post to get a replacement. But times have changed and there are tens of thousands of people wanting to come over to India to do business or for employment as resident CEO’s of foreign multinationals.

More and more foreign companies wanting to do business with India are preferring people settled abroad with ancestral links to the country. PAN is permanent account number and it has to be quoted for all financial dealings. It is absolutely necessary for all NRI’s to apply for one and having it with you can make your stay in doing business sin India far easier than you would have imagined.

2 thoughts on “How to Register for a Pan Card Number Online – Both New & Lost online?

  1. i have losy my pan card i want a new one plzzz allow me a new one

  2. hello sir,
    i m dhirendra jain ands my pan no is AGDPJ8149G .i lost my pan card . so want to apply duplicate pan card on online.plz tell me it possible to apply online???

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