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If you are unable to give time and energy as well do research for managing your money, you can take the help of professionals who are experts in portfolio management. The stock markets are not something that can be done without constant monitoring, use of fundamentals, hard news and technical analysis. It is not possible for a lay investor to spread investments across the economy and industries unless they can devote real time and effort to monitor stocks 24/7.

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Stop money from being washed away

There are limited choices in your hand when you are managing your stocks. Even if you cannot make a profit during a crash, you can at least stop your money from being washed away with a few good and wise decisions. There are also times when all sectors of the economy do not perform at their optimum levels. Portfolio management is the key to prevent a downslide in your finances as you do not restrict your money in one particular sector.

How would you manage if you put all your eggs in one basket? Even if you invest in a sector that is performing well, you cannot afford to close your eyes. To stay abreast with the latest developments, you need to monitor the company as well as the sector in general. If you put your money in the pharmaceutical and the energy sector, you need to monitor them on a regular basis.

Your best bet would be to check online as well as business news about pharmaceuticals, the growth potential as well as the moves made by the company you have invested in. Are they going in for acquisitions? What is the future of their product line? Are they checking out new markets? And, if they are, is there a chance of the company outperforming peer groups in the short or the long run? Has there been a change in the management? If there is a change, how likely would it impact the performance of the company?

Portfolio managers juggle your money

These are vital questions that require answers. And the answers are not easily available as you have to make a great deal of effort to stay on top of the news and act on tip offs as well. You cannot afford to waste time when you need to make a decision right away. The prices in the stock market can go up or down as soon as there is a hint of a swing developing. It could be an uptrend or a downtrend. You should have the price bands and strength on your finger tips to act right away.

Portfolio management ensures that the stocks are in safe hands. Even though you may not make the kind of money if you had managed securities and stocks on your own, there is a distinct chance of getting a reasonable return. Portfolio managers can also juggle your money by investing in equities and bonds to assure you a reasonably good and safe return. They have experts in their panel who can shift and rotate the money so that your chances of losing through your nose are minimized.

If you cannot make great profits, you won’t lose heavily as well. These are the very reasons why Indian investors are opting for portfolio managers.

The share market is unpredictable and your present job might not permit you to devote full time management of your stocks. You can easily make money by entrusting it with a portfolio manager. There are many portfolio managers in India and you can easily check out their websites to get updated information about their features as well.