How NRIs can file TAX in India?

ATTENTION: NRIs, PIOs, OCIs, Foreign Citizens & International Companies

Deadline to File Indian Tax returns online is coming soon.!

# Non-Residents Indians must file taxes if:
1. You are generating income from India (bank accounts, rental income, etc).
2. Capital Gains accruing through real estate, stock market & other investments.
2. Taxes are with-held in excess of Income offered to tax.
3. To claim double taxation treaty benefits in countries like (US, UK, etc).
4. To become tax compliant as per Indian tax laws.
5. Get TDS refunds & other exemptions.

# Benefits of filing taxes in India:
1. It acts as a Standard Income proof (required at many places).
2. Speeds up various loan application process – mainly housing loans.
3. Helps you claim tax refund (TDS).
4. Improves your credit history.

India Tax filing made SIMPLE & HASSLE FREE.!

>> CLICK HERE – if you want to File TAXES OR have Questions.!


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