PAN Application Form for NRI, PIO & OCI – Apply Online.

If you are having difficulty finding new pan card form, duplicate pan number application OR pan card correction form for NRIs, PIOs and OCIs then you have come to the right article. After filling the form 49A, you can submit it to the income tax department or the pan department. There are many across India. In some cities, there are more than one IT PANcard Service & pan submission Center also for NRIs in India.

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Pan Application below:

The job of the pan centers are to help with the filing of the application, accepting the application, and processing the pan number forms in a timely fashion.

The pan centers are very strict and do not accept any application which is not filed correctly or completely, thus it is .

The UTIISL takes all information found on the pan applications and sends it to the Income tax department for their records.

It is the Income tax Department who supplies the pan card number and the pan center who receives it and passes it on to you.

Changing your pan card data mentioned on your application is another long, hectic procedure. You will be given a duplicate pan card for any change made.

The new superior PAN card

All new pan cards printed will have a colored photo. It has a hologram along with other security and tamper-free features. This makes it very difficult for someone else to use your pan card.

Pan fees are usually Rs. 94 for India and Rs. 944 for Indians and foreigners living abroad (foreign citizens holding passports from USA {American citizens}, UK –United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, France, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, etc). You can simply log into and apply a pan card for OCI or PAN number for PIO and PAN card for NRI online.

There are over 500 UTIISL offices in India. You can find most of them with in the Income tax office itself.

UTIISL does not keep or use any of your documents or information; it is directly forwarded to the Indian government’s Income Tax department.

Pan cards are valid forever. There is no need to apply for a new one unless your information changes, or it is damaged. If you would like to, you can still apply for a duplicate pan card anytime you like to update your card to the new design.

IF you already hold a pan number, but never received a pan card, you will need to apply for a duplicate one using your existing pan card number.

When applying for a pan card, you are automatically issued the older version of the card. But if you apply for a smart card, then you will need to pay a small extra fee.

Track your PAN status online

You can find out your pan card status after applying at the UTIISL website. You simply enter your information and you are delivered the results.
The movement of the process is completely monitored until you received your pan card at your address.

Get your card faster

After you submit your documents and application for pan card, you do not need to do anything else until the arrival of your card. UTIISL will dispatch your pan card within a few days of approval.

The same time frame exists for the pan card changes and duplicate applications.

Role of IT department in the pan process

Even though the UTIISL processes the applications, the IT department still manages all of the database and keeps all of your information safe.

You can apply online for a pan number OR download New PAN application Form 49A, Duplicate PAN card forms OR PAN correction by visiting:

> Pan card numbers issued to individuals are valid forever.
> You can apply for the new design pan card by applying for it online.
> When applying, you will need to provide an address proof and an ID proof.
> There is assistance online available for filing application for pan card.
> Permanent account number serves as a proof of id and is mandatory for all financial transactions in India.

So, What exactly Is a PAN number?

PAN stands for P-permanent A- account N-number and consists of a combination of 10 letters and numbers. An example of a pan number looks like: (ARFQQ1305M).

It is compulsory or necessary for NRIs to have a pan number?

You need to quote your pan number for the following: tax return in India and any taxes due to the tax department cannot be paid without it. You need to quote your pan number on all other financial transactions as well. Other financial transactions include: buying or selling property, car payments, hotel payment, or even traveling abroad with money greater than Rs. 25,000. Telephone connections also require a pan number. Cash deposits in the bank greater than Rs. 50,000 will also need quotation of a pan number.

It is the individuals responsibility to research and obtain his/her own pan card before participating in any of these.

Even if you are wanting to file a tax return on the behalf of someone else, you still need to have a pan card. Types of pan cards you can apply are: Individuals, Companies, Partnerships, Firms, HUFs (Hindu Undivided Family), Trusts or Representative assesses.

You should also note that it is against the law to obtain and hold more than one pan number.

Filling up the PAN card form

The following documents are needed along with your application when applying for a pan card:
– Photo ID proof (such as a driving license, voter ID card, ration card).
– Copy of Address proof (again ration card, passport copy, utility bill).
– Two passport sized photographs.

The pan department will only start processing your application after you have made the payment. You will receive your pan card by post/mail directly to the address you have mentioned on your application.

The income tax department has outsourced their pan card working to UTIISL. There are many other pan agents & brokers for NRIs on the internet that can help you with the process of pan card.

Want to know what supporting documents are required to apply for a pan card number, then please email: