AADHAR or UID Card – What, How to Apply, Application Forms & FAQs

There has been talk of new card for a long time that will replace all the other cards as the ultimate identity proof of an Indian individual. This card has now been revealed to be called the AADHAR card which is a stroke of brilliance. Each card will have its unique set of data that will completely distinguish every man, woman or child that holds it. This card is the most unique step taken by the government on a long time and has met with very positive applaud at all quarters. Although not a compulsive or mandatory documentation, but the great uses and services that it will provide will definitely win over the non believers.

What is AADHAR?

The AADHAR card is something of an oddity amongst cards that are used as identity because it will now contain all the data that is significant of an individual such their religion and their caste not to mention their biometric and physical attributes to be used as a means of identification. This card will also be used as a master identity proof card as it will outweigh the other cards such as the ration card and Voter ID card. All that data will be added to a SIM card that will be loaded on it and hence will be considered a massive leap ahead of time.

What are the characteristics of AADHAR?

There are a few signifying character for the AADHAR card and that includes the inbuilt information on the person as well as their special attributes which include the identifying number as well as the others. They are as follows:

  • The AADHAR card number is a very important 12 digit number that allows the world to be aware your whole identity just through that number. In short it is a replica of the SSN of the United States but it will be useful to know that the whole of your identity is in one place and that there may be no other card that you might need.
  • It is a voluntary card where there is no mandate that it has to be done. Thus it is all up to the individuals that require this card that they would choose it or not. Every man woman and child has the right to go for it, but they may not if they do not wish to.
  • If you have a residence and people to vouch for you can actually have this card. But it does not need a relevant set of documents from beforehand and this can be taken as the best attribute so far. It is basically the first step to the plan that is getting the best and most powerful ID card.
  • This card will collect all the demographic as well as the physical attributes of a man who will have it in his possession and that can be actually used to identify the man in case all else fails.

What does it not do?

It is not a mandatory card and add to that the different services it could provide makes the choice of making or not making the AADHAR card a very obsolete question. Although it is not a mandatory card sooner or later all the other identities will be overshadowed by this card. We have told you about the characteristics of the card, now we have to tell you what this card is not meant to do. They are as follows:

  • This is not in any way related to foreigners and is only for citizens of India. There is no international legality involved in the issuing of this card.
  • The information in these cards will be accessible to some people and some of it will even be available to the public. This is a possible negative point of the card and has sparked many controversies in the last few days.

Thus it is highly recommended that even NRIs – non resident Indians should apply for the registration of UID or Adhar card online from India.

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