How to apply for a Passport in New Delhi?

New Delhi is a hub for politics and culture. It is the capital of India. Many people staying or living in India wish to travel to foreign locations. For that, you will need to have a passport. Generally, people obtain their passport from the Delhi passport office. Because the whole process of applying is controlled by the government, unfortunately, it can become a long tedious process. The application and submission process for applying is mentioned below:

1.      Preparing your application.

For both a new passport and a renewal, application form number 1 is used. You will need to apply for a new passport if your passport has been damaged, lost, or if any of the pages inside were damaged. Form number 1 is also used for minors. Again, form 1 covers: New passports, Replacements, and Reissues.

2.      Applying at Delhi.

When you apply for a passport at Delhi, you will need to be a resident of Delhi and Surrounding NCR areas. You can apply for a passport Mon-Fri except for holidays. If you plan to apply for a passport without the use of a broker, you should plan to stay at the Delhi office for a minimum of 4 hours in order to get your work done. If you would like to use a assistance from a consultant, there are plenty of them in New Delhi.
We recommend using for all your passport, visa, immigration and ticketing needs.

3.      Documents needed.

When your application is submitted, you need to provide the following documents along with your application; this is the case even with the Tatkaal process. You will need: an Address proof document (generally a utility bill would suffice), an employer certificate, Birth date proof, Marital Status proof, and if you are a minor you must provide your parents’ passport copies. You will need to carry both attested copies of your documents as well as the originals when obtaining a passport in Delhi. It is always better to hire a broker if you wish to avoid the head ache of the Delhi passport office.

4.      Passport Process.

First you need to find the passport application given at the passport centers, you can also order them by post. You can also find the forms in surrounding cities. There is a tatkaal option to apply for your passport which is meant to speed up the process. This process still takes a minimum of 15 days. Applying normal takes a minimum of 30 days. With Tatkaal, a police verification is not required. If you are applying for a minor through Tatkaal, then the process will take longer.

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