How to get a duplicate copy, if you lost pan card?

Have you lost your old pan card and need to apply and get a duplicate or re-print copy issued online? This can be done easily and all you have to do is fill the lost pan card application form, attach your ID and address proof and send out to the PAN department for re-issuance. Please be advised that they would ask for the copy of your old card. If you don’t have it, then you can simply go through the link below and apply directly with a help of an agency.

First step would be to find your OLD pan card copy. All you need to have is your full name, your father’s name, and your correct birth date. You used to need to have a copy of your PAN card to send to the government for a re-issue, but now you can simply use a search to find everything you need. Once you see your PAN, print the results page and then you can use that as your pan proof document to send to the government.

Start here:

After you have your PAN proof document, then its time to apply for your replacement card. You will first need to find a duplicate PAN card application which can be obtained from the above link again. The other documents that you need to provide with this form, are similar to the ones you provided when you first applied for the PAN card. You will need your ID and address proof, as well as some passport size photos. When you are filling up the form, make sure all of the information is mentioned correctly and exactly the same as it was when you first applied for the PAN card because this is the information the government will have in their database. This will avoid any delays when applying.

If you are applying for a duplicate PAN card from abroad, the filing fees charged by the government will be around Rs.944.

If you would like assistance in starting your process in applying for a duplicate copy or if you need to make any corrections in your pan card, or if you would just like to update your NRI status with the government… be sure to visit the link above.

They have advisors that help NRIs to apply for PAN cards from abroad. You do not need to visit India and they take care of everything on your behalf.

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