How NRI can get Indian marriage certificate?

Have you fallen in love or just gotten an arranged marriage? If you are an NRI and are need of a marriage certificate, this article should come of use. Many Indians that were married in India will have a religious ceremony certificate given by a priest at the time of the wedding, but obtaining a legal certificate is much more complicated. If you moved outside of India, your new country will not recognize your marriage as legit, unless you have a legal marriage certificate.

Obtaining a certificate has been a tedious process in India. There are many different documents that you need to get together in order to apply. You have to have everything done exactly right so that they do not deny your application. Sometimes, even when you have everything done correctly, you will not receive your certificate because of the government office’s unorganized fashion.

Now, it is still a tedious process, but we have made it a little easier for NRIs. You will still need to send all of your documents, but we will follow up with the government for you. We will try and get your marriage certificate to you as soon as possible and you do not have to come to India in order to do so.

With all of this, there is still no guarantee that every application will be accepted and treated with care at the government office. Everything will be the same process from the time the application reaches the hands of the government. The only thing that makes this process different would be the headache of going to the government and giving your forms, waiting in long lines, will be ours and not yours.

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