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Because of the up to date computer technology today, you can now trade stocks, bonds, and currency online. This is very easy with a high speed internet. Any one and every one who has this high speed internet can now have complete control over their buying and selling of their stocks from their home computer. Even you can have a chance at the stock market. Here is some information that you might want to know about stocks and stock trading.


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Day trading…

Day trading is stock trading done throughout the course of one day. One who is a does day trading is called a trader. Everyone else is usually called an investor. An investor usually holds on to the stocks that he bought for longer than a day. A trader will only hold on to what he buys for the course of a couple hours and on some occasions a couple minutes. When you are a day trader, you can do it right from your home or office computer.

As a trader you must be fast. You buy a stock and watch its value increase and decrease and figure out what would be the exact second that you need to sell. In this type of trading you try to take a little profit from each purchased stock and that will all add up by the end of the day. Then you come back and do it again the next day.

Swing trading…

In Swing trading you buy stocks and hold on to them for a couple of days and on some occasions a couple weeks. The investor of swing trading does research on the stock that they purchase and find out when the value will be the highest and then they will sell when that time comes. If you decide to do swing trading, make sure that you have some extra money in your account because you might get some margin calls from your broker. Say for instance you are waiting for a time where the stock value will go up a great deal and make you a lot of money. If the value decreases a great deal before then, then you will need to have enough money in your account to cover that until it goes back up. With day trading and swing trading, you have a choice to have broker manage your stocks or to do it yourself.

Where you go to get information…

The broker that you choose to open your trading account with will have a link on their website with all of the information you need about trading with their firm. They should have all updated news and charts about the market as well as the information on which system and settings you need for trading.

Free stock trading…

This is a trading simulator that you can get from most online brokers for free. These simulators provide online stock trading and have almost eliminated paper trading. You can use this simulator to practice purchasing and selling stocks in until you think you are experienced enough to try with real money. This will give you the practice you need to start trading and help you learn and practice new trading strategies before trying them with real money. You need to pay attention to all of the terms and conditions with some of the free stock trading because there are some scams out there.

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  1. As an NRI, can I do swing Trading?

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