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Ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd, an upcoming financial firm focusing on NRI, PIO and OCI segment, offers a broad line of financial products and services from Mutual Funds to Stock Trading Account, income tax return filing and so on, at competitive brokerage. It has successfully established a brand equity of instant customer service.

Ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd offers following services under it umbrella:

Indians abroad can invest in a broad range of Mutual funds like SBI, TATA, ICICI, Principal, Reliance etc. including Systematic Investment Plans(SIP). This gives each investor flexibility and choice to pick and choose funds meeting his specific investment profile and objectives. Not to mention, Ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd has its own specialized team of advisers giving each client individual attention without any delays. In addition it also facilitates a comprehensive package of PIS, NON-PIS, Trading and Demat account, therefore eliminating hassles investors have to go through ten seas apart. Through Online stock trading account investors can buy and sell directly with NSE and BSE. Online account also facilitates investments in IPOs. For High Net worth Investors their are PMS (Portfolio Management Schemes) available, which are managed by experienced and professional traders there fore producing significant returns. In addition to money market trading, it also offers derivative trading with instant help and advice online and on phone. Ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd offers both online and over the phone order facility. NRIS can dematerialize their physical shares by opening a demat account with Ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

For Indians working abroad exercising ESOPS is a big challenge. Ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd has solution for that too. It has successfully helped its clients to convert their ESOPS into stocks and shares. In addition it offers Taxation advice, income tax return filing and pan card application services. Ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd is slowly stepping into real estate investments too in both commercial and residential segment.

18 thoughts on “NRI Services

  1. I have been trading through, now shifted to Dubai as NRE, can I continue using the same account. Kindly reply please.
    What are the legal implications. Can the money be transfered from NRE account to share trading account.


  2. Iam an NRI from USA. Is it possible for me to invest in securities in India? If so how can I do it?

  3. I have been an Indian citizen, but now taken American citizenship and taken OCI, and want to know:

    i) does it impact my on going business dealings in India, as a partner in partnership concern, as a shareholder and director in pvt ltd company, and as a trustee of a society/trust

    ii) my tax returns are filed in India for income generated out of business in India. Apart from informing the tax authorities that I am now an OCI, do any different tax laws or slabs apply for personal income (I am not talking about NRE accounts)

    iv) If have ongoing civil suits versus some of my tenants in a property I own, do any civil law provisions impact my position (eg I dont have any particular right)

    v)I understand that OCI cannot buy acquire agricultural property. But what happens if I hv owned it all alonng until I became an overseas citizen, and what if I get it through inheritance

    Appreciate your response,

    many thanks

    KKR Raju

  4. Hi can anyone tell me if this is true I am reading it in blogs going around in websites…

    Government of India today announced imposition of a flat 5% tax on all NRIs over their world-wide income. Income that is already taxed in India has been kept out of the purview to avoid double taxation. No double taxation benefits would be available for this 5% tax, meaning even if you are paying tax on your income in a country with which India has double taxation agreement, the benefit would not be allowed against this 5% tax. All those Indians who are holding Indian Passports and have been out of the country for more than 180 days during the year are under this requirement. Income proof would have to be submitted in form of employer certificates, foreign tax filings etc. Indian government is also coordinating with Australia, Europe, America, UAE and other countries on collecting Income data for its citizens as part of data sharing initiative on terror prevention measures.
    This has been hailed as bringing in compulsory participation in development of India from Non resident Indians.. This means NRIs can no more just continue to retain their Indian citizenship without paying taxes in India. Though it may not be favorable in view of the NRIs who already bring substantial forex in form of remittances and Investments. This is bound to cause a lot of heart burn for the Indian community residing outside..
    This is expected to generate ~10 Billion INR tax collection for the government in the year 2009-10..


  5. You can definitely trade with no legal restriction, provided you use the inbound money that comes into your NRE account. NRO cannot be used, else you would have to open a NRO trading account.

    For more details you should check out this page:


  6. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I hold an American passport and an OCI card.Each month, I work; TDS is taken out from my pay. Do I file tax returns?

  7. Hi,

    I am a US citizen working in India. Can I opt for a PF/Pension scheme?

  8. An OCI after returning to India for good and having stayed in India for more than 182 days what is his tax status? Is he still considered NRI? Can he buy/sell non agricultural property/stocks/MF in India like a normal Indian citizen?

    Are children of above OCI considered as NRI for school/college admissions?

    If above OCI transfers his pension fund to Indian pension organization like LIC, will it be taxable?

  9. Im by profession a trader, i do my dealings through reliance money and have made good amount of money .. all the options mentioned above is there anything more i can do . for investmet.

  10. Dear Sir, Madam,
    I am a Canadian citizen and overseas citizen of India.
    Pls. let me know whether I can be a shareholder and a director of a seafood trading company in India.

    Also kindly confirm, whether I can invest in Indian Share market.


  11. yo good blog yea nice work Great articles

  12. Does you give loan. Have you any agents that who will issue loan to your company. Pls reply must Yes or No. Thanks

  13. I certainly like your web site layout it’s so clean, simple to read.

  14. Hi

    I have migrated to Australia and am in the process of buying a property in Australia. I have been an NRI for the last 20 years.

    I would like to sell my property in India and bring the money to Australia. This property was bought 7 years back as an NRI. The repayment was done partly from my NRI and partly from my NRO account. Can I bring the full sale proceedings to Australia? If not what are the rules that govern this?

    Look forward to your valuable help.

    N Viswanathan

    • hey you can reptrt upto one mln USD in calander year from your NRO Account after paying capital gain tax. Regards
      Abdul Qureshi

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