How NRI can get Indian marriage certificate?

Have you fallen in love or just gotten an arranged marriage? If you are an NRI and are need of a marriage certificate, this article should come of use. Many Indians that were married in India will have a religious ceremony certificate given by a priest at the time of the wedding, but obtaining a legal certificate is much more complicated. If you moved outside of India, your new country will not recognize your marriage as legit, unless you have a legal marriage certificate.

Obtaining a certificate has been a tedious process in India. There are many different documents that you need to get together in order to apply. You have to have everything done exactly right so that they do not deny your application. Sometimes, even when you have everything done correctly, you will not receive your certificate because of the government office’s unorganized fashion.

Now, it is still a tedious process, but we have made it a little easier for NRIs. You will still need to send all of your documents, but we will follow up with the government for you. We will try and get your marriage certificate to you as soon as possible and you do not have to come to India in order to do so.

With all of this, there is still no guarantee that every application will be accepted and treated with care at the government office. Everything will be the same process from the time the application reaches the hands of the government. The only thing that makes this process different would be the headache of going to the government and giving your forms, waiting in long lines, will be ours and not yours.

How to get a NRI home loan?

Now, there is such a thing as an NRI loan. The only difference between a normal loan and an NRI loan is that an NRI loan is provided to NRIs living outside of India. NRIs can apply for business and house loans in India. Many NRIs now-a-days are working to purchase property in India so that they can have a piece of the growing real estate market. They take out home loans in order to purchase the property that they want and then wait and sell it for profits later.  When you walk into a bank in India, there are officers there that specialize in helping only NRIs to get a loan. There are also real estate areas just for NRIs in places like Delhi and Mumbai.

Most of the banks will help you to buy businesses, apartment flats, resorts, and luxuary villas. If you are an NRI that is trying to apply for a loan in India, you must:

–         Be at least 21YOA

–         Be no older than 65YOA

–         You must have lived outside of India for at least 1 year or if you own a business, you must have lived outside of India for at least 3 years.

The best way to go about it for NRIs now is to buy a property/flat and rent it out so that the payment for the rent can be put towards your repayment for your loan that you took out.  In order to apply for a loan, you will need to small passports size photos and the initial application. Generally, the interest rates for NRIs are around 11% to 15% per year. There is generally a larger down payment that is needed for an NRI housing loan.

The amount of loan given to an NRI varies with each person. The bank will look at a person’s age and income to decide the amount that they are willing to give. They will give you up to ten years to pay back the loan in most cases.

The documents that you will later need to provide to the bank include: all housing documents and receipts for everything that you buy, copy of your employment records, and a proof of Identity.

Now that you know all about NRI loans, it is time to get started. There are some steps you have to take in order to be prepared so that the process goes more smoothly. The first step you will have to take would be to obtain your PAN card. Every NRI applying for a loan is required to state there Permanent Account Number (PAN). You can get one while staying abroad outside of India, you just need to visit a good broker. An example of one would be:


If you go through the broker mentioned above for PAN card, they can help you with the next steps too. The process is simplified through them.

How to reduce capital gains tax when you sell property in India?

If you are living outside of India as an NRI, and are looking to sell your property in India, there are some rules that go along with it. If you hold an immovable home in India that is not a farm or farm house that you got by inheriting it, it can be sold to both Indian residents as well as NRIs. If you have a farm or farm house that you received by inheriting it, then you cannot sell it to an NRI, only Indian residents.

There are ways to reduce the amount of taxes that you have to pay. One way would be that you use the profits you gain by selling your property and invest it into a new property that you would like to buy or build. You would have to purchase the new property within a few years for you to qualify for your tax exemptions.

When you are preparing to sell in India, be sure that you find a legit property dealer as there are a lot of frauds out there now.

How to get the money from your property in India?

If you bought the property when you were an Indian resident with Indian Rupees, then you will need to put all of the profit into your NRO account for accessing as an NRI. If you bought the property after you were already living abroad, then you can get the money in your country. Also, if you paid for the property using your NRE account, you can put the money you get from selling it back into your NRE account.

In order to buy or sell property in India, you will need a Permanent Account Number (PAN). You can start your process for PAN online through the PAN website. You can apply from your country abroad if you wish to. A good site to start this would be:

How to apply a PAN Number from USA – United States of America?

Even though you are living outside of India, sometimes it is necessary to obtain a PAN from India for different uses you may have. Some of these uses may be paying taxes on some income you are generating in India, selling your property or buying property in India, Investing in Indian stocks or mutual funds, or opening a bank account in India

As you can imagine, there are difficulties in getting a PAN card in India. It used to be even more difficult for those living abroad, but now things are easier. There are now online PAN agents or brokers that will help NRIs, PIOs, OCIs, and Foreign passport holders to obtain PAN cards in India and receive them at their address abroad WITHOUT ever having to travel to India.

Now, While living in the USA, all you need to do is go to: and apply. They accept online payments to make it quick and easy for you. After you apply, you will be contacted by a member of their staff. They will send you the application along with a complete set of instructions. Once you follow the instructions and prepare your documents, you send it to their office. From there, given everything is in order; you don’t have to do anything but wait for your pan card.

Here is a list of documents that you will need to provide living in the USA:

1. Two passport size photos – (can be made at Walgreen’s or CVS pharmacy)

2. A US address proof – (typically your US bank statement from banks like Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. You can download the online e-statement, get it certified – meaning attested and stamped by the bank manager or whosoever is the authorized personnel to do so.
OCI or PIO card copies reflecting your current address.

3. Your passport copies – (only the relevant pages are necessary)

If you are living in the United States and you wish to apply for a PAN card right away, simply visit and start with filing of your PAN number application process totally online.

List of states in the US where you can apply from are as follows:

Wyoming – Cheyenne, Wisconsin – Madison, West Virginia – Charleston, Washington – Olympia, Virginia – Richmond, Vermont – Montpelier, Utah – Salt Lake City, Texas – Austin, Tennessee – Nashville, South Dakota – Pierre, South Carolina – Columbia, Rhode Island – Providence, Pennsylvania – Harrisburg, Oregon – Salem, Oklahoma – Oklahoma City, Ohio – Columbus, North Dakota – Bismarck, North Carolina – Raleigh, New York – Albany, New Mexico – Santa Fe, New Jersey – Trenton, New Hampshire – Concord, Nevada – Carson City, Nebraska – Lincoln, Montana – Helena, Missouri – Jefferson City, Mississippi – Jackson, Minnesota – St. Paul, Michigan – Lansing, Massachusetts – Boston, Maryland – Annapolis, Maine – Augusta, Louisiana – Baton Rouge, Kentucky – Frankfort, Kansas – Topeka, Iowa – Des Moines, Indiana – Indianapolis, Illinois – Springfield, Idaho – Boise, Hawaii – Honolulu, Georgia – Atlanta, Florida – Tallahassee, Delaware – Dover, Connecticut – Hartford, Colorado – Denver, California – Sacramento, Arkansas – Little Rock, Arizona – Phoenix, Alaska – Juneau, Alabama – Montgomery.